The Best Acrylic Walk-in Bathtubs
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AquaEze™ brand Walk-In bathtubs are distributed nationally through an authorized dealer network, ensuring absolute quality and value when purchasing your AquaEze™ walk-In Bathtub.Call us today to find an authorized dealer in your area.

Why AquaEze™ brand Walk-in bathtubs?

When you step into your new AquaEze Walk-In Bathtub, you are stepping into a world of relaxation and comfort that engulfs your entire body. Aches and pains are eradicated through an array of pulsating hydro-therapy jets designed to provide you with an invigorating and yet delicately stimulating massage like you have never experienced before.

The days of stretching, slipping and struggling to take the bath that you desire are over. No longer will you have the need for an assistant to bathe.  

At AquaEze our Walk-In bathtubs have eliminated those risky moves by providing you with a way in which you can safely and comfortably bath in a secure, relaxing, and independent manner within your own home.

Our designs are focused on your safety, providing you with a Walk-in Bathtub which fulfills all of your bathing needs, while keeping you out of harm's way. 

Our philosophy is quite simple, help those who want to

enjoy one of life's great pleasures, bathing. Simply step in close and lock our assure seal door. Sit back and relax while you fill up and enjoy a safe, comfortable bath.

Whether you are in need of air jets, water jets, air and water, or a basic soaking tub, AquaEze can provide a safe, comfortable Walk-in bathtub for just about anyone.
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